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Produkty HIFI

"It’s not over till the fat lady sings" - to flagowy głośnik Morela.
Przygotuj się na emocjonalny atak zaraz po rozpoczęciu muzyki.

A combination of creative vision and acoustic physics – get all the drama and dynamics of the original sound, for a tactile musical experience...

Octave 6 Limited Edition. Reproducing the excitement of live music whilst preserving tonal accuracy and dynamics.

Octave Signature brings you the thrill, the acoustics and the dynamics of live performance, with a clarity and transparency...

The Solan is the entrance to Morel with its versatile concept allows it to be used in both stereo and home theatre systems.

Designed to aesthetically enhance the speaker’s features with a brush aluminum finish, it fits bot Octave 6 LE and Solan bookshelf speakers


Unleash the music

Innowacyjna technologia i wyraźna filozofia projektowania to serce Morel HIFI.

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